Friday, May 21, 2010

Chapter 2 Part: 1 Now Up!

I posted the first part of the second chapter a couple nights ago, but it didn't have a title. So those who keep up with the blog from my various feeds may not be aware. I enjoy all types of feedback. Feel free to let me know what you think. There are no aspects set in stone on this, so if you wanted to rewrite chapter one and share it with us then you are more than welcome to. (just don't rewrite it better than me) still looking for some details. Me and Jen don't agree on Katie's Parent's background.

Thanks for reading!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

(the end of the first chapter had to be amended.)

Undead Love Chapter 1 part: 3

“… and that’s why under no circumstance can you ever fall in love with your cousin.” , the girls companion concluded as she slightly eased herself along side her friend.
“Absolutely.” She agreed.
“Sometimes I swear, Katie” the friend continued, “you are the best listener.”

Undead Love Chapter 2 Part 1

The next day Katie was spacey. Fleeting memories of her dream involving a tiger and a taco bell built onto the back of her house kept her wondering, “What really happened last night?” She remembers talking to a strange musicians, but the encounter was so awkward that she’d rather the taco bell in her back yard than make of fool of herself like that. She found little motivation to drag herself out of her twin sized bed in her tiny one bedroom efficiency apartment. Today was the end of the fall semester and she was glad to be out of her school routine, but she found herself with little to do. So Katie did want she usually does when she finds herself in these situations. She picked up her phone and started dialing. The phone rang. The phone rang a third time. Katie lost her patience. She banged the wall behind her as she sat in her bed. The person on the other end of the telephone picked up. “You should really stop waking me up like that you know.” the person said.
“Anne, I’m bored.
“Yeah, but you don’t have bang on the wall.” Three thuds came from the other side of Katie’s wall. Katie’s friend Anne had the apartment beside Katie’s and both girls slept with their head to the same wall. The information came in handy when one needed to wake the other without inconveniencing the other.
“You were asleep”, Katie said.
“Yeah well, its 10 am, and you know I’m not a morning person.” Anne retorted.
“Well, I want to do something, I don’t know what it is, but I’ve been out of school for 12 hours and I am already bored. I need something to keep my mind off the fact that I have nothing to do. I need it to distract me from this impending…”
“Nothing…? You have nothing impending upon you!” Anne interrupted, “We can go shopping? I have little money and nothing in mind, but that’s never stopped us before. What do you want to shop for?”
Katie paused for a second and then answered. “A guitar.”

Saturday, May 15, 2010

The Meeting Part 2

Part 2:

The Girl stopped when she noticed The Boy, now done packing his things, and her friend continued out the door commenting on the
noise of the street, oblivious to the absence of her coffee companion. She felt compelled to tell The Boy something, but she wondered
to herself, "What am I going to say"?. Ideas rushed in and out of her mind. "Should I just tell him I liked the song"? What if he thinks
I'm a groupie"? "How aweful", she thought, "A coffee shop groupie". She shook her head and resolved, "If he thinks that then he
is and idiot". With decition in mind, The Girl walked directly to The Boy with almost hurried steps, which may have been an unfortunate
oversight because when she reached The Boy, her elongated steps stoped her just too close for comfort. The Boy saw her coming his way
and tryed not to let on, but her speed, and closer that expected proxmety, genuinly suprised him. Both let out a slight, awkward
laugh as The Girl took a half step back. In the moment The Girl completely forgot what to say. Her mind was a total blank.
She regretted her decision greatly at this point. The Boy, had no idea what to say either but wasn't going to let that stop him.
The Boy opened his mouth and out came, "Umm..."
"I liked your song". The Girl said shortly.
"Thank you". He replied.
Having accomplished what she set out to do, The Girl felt relieved, but unsure how to break away from the situation. It's times like
these that instinct kicks in and we feel a urge that causes us to either run away or confront whatever it is that faces you, otherwise
know as "fight or flight". The Girl took another half step back, forced a smile and caught up with her friend that had continued
talking to the air beside her untill she was next to her car in the parking lot outside the shop.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Wanted: Your Input.

Me and the misses were talking the other day and we realized something. This story is strikingly similar to one that involves vampires. It has recently been adapted to film... may you know the one. Something about Bella and Jake or something. Anyways, if you know those stories, would you please help us. We CAN NOT have our great adventurous tale be compared to some whiney teenage girl that wants to be a vampire. So Feel free to give any and all suggestion via our comment box. All will be appreciated and we'll use the good ones. Actually feel free to contribute as much as you like. We like ideas. Its so much easier than coming up with them on our own.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Chapter 2 In The Works...

Hey guys, we haven't forgotten about this. Me and the misses are working on chapter 2 right now. We have some pretty fun plans for the story and can't wait to get them down so you can read, enjoy, and possibly critique.

Thanks for being patient!

New post soon.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

The Meeting Part 1

"Undead Love" by Carl and Jen Harris

Plot Synopsis...
Boy and girl fall in love. Boy suffers untimely death. Boy is brought back as a zombie. Relationship proceeds facing unusual obstacles. Should zombie boy turn girl into zombie as well?Or should girl leave zombie boy and pursue a normal life and relationship?

The Meeting:

Girl walks into a coffee house. She looks around, sees a friend she has come to meet, and sits down. At the other end of the establishment there is a somewhat abandoned "open mic night" scene. That end of the coffee house is almost empty save for a few, mostly the handful of hopeful "singer-songwriters" waiting to take their turn at the mic. The Girl and her friend make conversation. In the conversation she mentions being single and not looking to change that. Her friend urges her to find a boy, and claims that life would be easier and simpler if she had a love in her life. The Girl disagrees. The chit-chat continues until The Boy seats himself on the stool next to the mic, fumbles the mic, causes feedback, and lets out a nervous laugh and a heavy sigh. The Girl's conversation pauses when The Boy starts to sing. It is in strong contrast to the whiney,
nasally numbers that have serenaded the girls thus far. The Girl is so distracted by the song that she turns completely around in her chair to give The Boy her attention. "Not the best" she admitted to herself, but he was a step above the other hipsters that appeared to have spent more time assembling their outfits than in rehearsal. The song was a short and soft ballad. The
chorus rang in The Girl's ears after the song had played, "Love can raise me from the grave". It sounded serious, after all, the sentence contained both "love" and "grave". After The Boy's song, The Girl returned to the conversation that had been holding while she had been away. Both girls finished their drinks and conversation, stood, and headed towards the door. As they did, The
Girl noticed The Boy packing his instrument and things.